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Now in its third year ArtsBrookline: A Season of Arts continues as a three month showcase of arts events – April, May and June, 2016 helping arts lovers – and explorers – to find arts events from the literary arts, to exhibits, dance, film and musical performances.

ArtsBrookline is the brainchild of Lea Cohen, one of the long-time organizers of the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival.   In 2013, after speaking with Peg O’Connell who had just taken on the coordination of Brookline Open Studios, she realized that the two largest annual arts events, Open Studios and the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival happened within weeks of each other.

It had always been a distant dream of Arts Festival committee members to find a way to expand, whether as a longer event or with performances.  Bringing together Peg O’Connell, Michael Kerstein of the Arts Festival and Kara Brewton, the Economic Development Director for the Town, a concept was developed to bridge the weeks between Open Studios and the Arts Festival…. and ArtsBrookline was born. With the idea enthusiastically received by the Town leaders and the Brookline Commission for the Arts,  a steering committee was formed.

The premier ArtsBrookline celebration in 2014, presented by the Brookline Commission for the Arts and sponsored by Hammond Residential Real Estate, kicked off with the 28th annual Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday, April 26 & 27 and culminated in the 36th Annual Coolidge Corner Arts Festival on Saturday June 7. It has since expanded to showcase local talent and events throught April, May and June.

ArtsBrookline sponsored by Hammond Residential

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